Genre Cribrarula, Strand 1929

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De la grande famille Cypraeovulinae qui regroupe à vue de nez, 80 °/° des porcelaines présentes dans les collections.

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Une erreur assez fréquente: écrire Cribarula et cribaria au lieu de Cribrarula et cribraria.

Cypraea Cribraria abaliena, Lorenz 1989 Cypraea (Cribrarula) cribraria f. oceanica, Raybaudi 1993 Cypraea cribraria zadela Cypraea cribraria f. zadela niger Cribraria sp! Cribracula catholicorum, Sch. & Schilder 1938 Cypraea cribraria comma, Perry 1811 Cypraea comma toliariensis, Bozzetti 2007 Cypraea esontropia cribellum, Gaskoin 1849 Cypraea esontropia esontropia, Duclos 1833 Cypraea esontropia francescoi, Lorenz 2002 Cypraea cumingii cumingii, Sowerby 1832 Cypraea cumingii astaryi, Schilder 1971 Cypraea cumingii astaryi f lefaiti, Sowerby 1832 Cribrarula exmouthensis f. rottnestensis, Lorenz 2002 Cribrarula taitae, Burgess 1993

Galerie Cribrarula de Randy Bridges

Of the great family Cypraeovulinae which includes 80 ° / ° cowries found in the collections.

This page and this genus are in full review! So too do not trust my taxa!

An usual mistake: write Cribarula and cribaria instead of Cribrarula and cribraria.