Genre Erosaria, Troschel 1863

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Le Genre Erosaria (Troschel, 1863) est similaire génétiquement au Genre Naria (Broderip, 1837)

Dixit Felix Lorenz:
1: the DNA says that Naria and Erosaria are very similar
2: Because they are very similar, Naria and Erosaria have been united in one genus.
3: Naria is prior to Erosaria of 35 years, so for reasons of priority Naria was chosen as the name of the genus.

Donc tout ce qui était Erosaria devient Naria

Cypraea acicularis acicularis,bahamas Cypraea acicularis acicularis, Gmelin 1791 Cypraea acicularis acicularis, Gmelin 1791 Cypraea acicularis acicularis, Gmelin 1791 Cypraea acicularis acicularis, Gmelin 1791 Cypraea acicularis sanctahelenae, Schilder 1930 Cypraea albuginosa, Gray 1825

Cypraea beckii, Gascoin 1836 Cypraea beckii wallis Cypraea boivinii, Kiener 1843 Cypraea boivinii f. cuatoni (Kosuge, 1983) Cypraea cernica cernica, Sowerby II 1870 Cypraea cernica cernica, Sowerby 1870 Cypraea cernica ''tomlini'', Schilder 1930 Cypraea citrina dauphinensis, Lorenz 2002 Cypraea citrina, Gray 1825 Cypraea eburnea, Barnes1824 Cypraea englerti, Summers & Burgess 1965 Cypraea erosa chlorizans, Melvill 1888 Cypraea erosa lactescens, Dautzenberg & Bouge 1933 Cypraea erosa chlorizans f.''lactescens'',wallis Cypraea erosa chlorizans mururoa Cypraea erosa erosa, Linné 1758 Cypraea erosa yemen Aden Cypraea erosa similis, Gmelin 1791 Cypraea gangranosa gangranosa, Dillwyn 1817 Cypraea gangranosa f reentsii, Dunker 1852 Cypraea helvola helvola, Linné 1758 Variantes Cypraea helvola Cypraea helvola argella Mayotte Cypraea helvola argella Mozambique Cypraea helvola argella zanzibar Cypraea helvola bellatrix, Lorenz 2009 Cypraea helvola callista, Shaw 1909 Cypraea helvola hawaiiensis, Melvill 1888 Cypraea  helvola meridionalis, Schilder & Schilder 1938 Cypraea (Naria) irrorata, Gray 1828 Cypraea labrolineata, Gaskoin 1849 erosaria labrolineata nashi Cypraea labrolineata f helenae, Roberts 1869 Cypraea lamarckii lamarckii, Gray 1825 Cypraea lamarckii redimita, Melvill 1888 Cypraea lamarckii redimita phuketensisCypraea lamarckii sharoni, Walles 1980 Cypraea marginalis marginalis, Dillwyn 1827 Cypraea marginalis melocellata, Lorenz & Weiss 1990 Cypraea miliaris, Gmelin 1791 Cypraea miliaris mara, Iredale 1939 Cypraea poraria, Linné 1758 wallis Cypraea (Erosaria) poraria f. scarabeus, Bory de St Vincent 1827 Cypraea (Erosaria) poraria tuamotu Cypraea spurca, Linné 1758 Cypraea spurca Chypre Cypraea spurca grèce Cypraea spurca italie Cypraea spurca, Linné 1758 malte Cypraea spurca, Linné 1758 oran Cypraea spurca, Linné 1758 turquie Cypraea spurca var. atlantica, Monterosato 1897 Erosaria turdus turdus, Lamarck 1810 djibouti Cypraea turdus paradalina, Dunker 1852 Cypraea turdus winckworthi, Schilder & Schilder 1938